Do’s and Don'ts for Brands During Summer Olympics

Do’s and Don'ts for Brands During Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are a thrilling spectacle that captivates millions around the globe. For brands, the event presents a golden opportunity to connect with a vast and engaged audience. However, leveraging this moment effectively requires careful planning and strategy. Knowing what to do—and what to avoid—can make all the difference.

Brands must navigate the high stakes and intense media coverage wisely. Making the right moves can elevate a brand's presence, while missteps can quickly lead to backlash. The Olympics provide a unique platform, one that calls for smart, respectful, and impactful advertising practices.

During this exciting period, it's crucial for brands to blend creativity with caution. By understanding the dynamics of Olympic advertising, brands can create memorable campaigns that resonate with audiences worldwide. Let's explore the key do's and don'ts for brands during the Summer Olympics to ensure their marketing efforts shine brightly.

Do: Leverage Real-Time Marketing

Taking advantage of real-time marketing during the Summer Olympics can give brands a distinct edge. With events happening live and in quick succession, there are many opportunities to create timely, relevant content that resonates with audiences. Quick responses to medal wins, shocking upsets, or heartwarming stories can make brands appear agile and in tune with current events.

One effective way to do this is by using social media platforms to post about live events. Brands can tweet about a gold medal win or share Instagram stories that celebrate an athlete's personal achievement. Engaging with trending hashtags related to the Olympics can help these posts reach a broader audience. Real-time interaction fosters a sense of immediacy and relevance, making the audience feel connected to the brand.

Live videos and streams are another powerful tool. Hosting live discussions, reaction videos, or interviews with athletes can draw viewers in and keep them engaged. This content feels spontaneous and exciting, enhancing brand credibility and making viewers more likely to share and discuss the content with others. Real-time marketing, when done well, can create a strong, positive impact that lasts beyond the games.

Don't: Ignore Cultural Sensitivities

The Olympics bring together people from all over the world, each with their own cultures and traditions. Brands must be very careful to respect these differences. Ignoring cultural sensitivities can quickly result in backlash and damage to a brand's reputation. It's important to conduct thorough research and understand the cultural context of the audience being targeted.

Avoid stereotypes and be mindful of language. What might seem like a lighthearted joke in one culture can be deeply offensive in another. Ensure that all advertising messages and images are respectful and inclusive. Engaging with cultural experts or consultants can help in crafting messages that are both impactful and sensitive.

Respecting cultural differences also means being aware of important symbols, colors, and customs. For example, certain colors or symbols may have specific meanings in different cultures, and using them incorrectly can offend viewers. Taking the time to understand these nuances shows a commitment to inclusivity and respect, which can enhance brand loyalty.

By being aware of and respecting cultural sensitivities, brands can create a positive and inclusive presence during the Olympic Games. This approach not only prevents negative fallout but also builds trust and strengthens relationships with a global audience.

Do: Engage with Social Media Influencers

Partnering with social media influencers can amplify a brand's presence during the Olympics. Influencers already have a loyal following, and their endorsement can increase a brand's reach and credibility. When influencers share their excitement about the games and link it to a brand, it feels more personal and authentic to their followers.

First, identify influencers who align with the brand's values and target audience. Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and even lifestyle influencers can create engaging content that highlights the brand's connection to the Olympics. Collaborations can include sponsored posts, product placements, or live sessions where influencers discuss Olympic events.

Creating unique and interactive content with influencers is key. Influencers can host challenges, giveaways, or Q&A sessions related to the games. This type of content not only promotes the brand but also encourages high levels of audience participation. Engaging stories and videos shared by influencers can capture the excitement of the Olympics and connect it with the brand.

Influencer partnerships provide a more relatable and trustworthy way to reach audiences. By leveraging the popularity and genuine engagement of influencers, brands can create memorable connections during the Olympic season.

Don't: Overwhelm Audiences with Ads

While the Olympics are a prime time for advertising, flooding audiences with too many ads can backfire. Viewers are already exposed to a high volume of advertisements during the games, so adding to the clutter can lead to ad fatigue. It's important to strike a balance and ensure that ads feel relevant and valuable rather than overwhelming.

Focus on quality over quantity. Rather than running a large number of ads, create a few well-crafted messages that resonate with the audience. Highlighting the brand's connection to the games or telling a compelling story can make an ad more impactful. Use creative visuals and narratives that stand out but don't overwhelm.

Another way to avoid overwhelming audiences is by diversifying the channels used for advertising. Instead of relying solely on TV commercials, explore digital platforms, social media, and even in-app advertising. This approach can distribute the brand's message more evenly and reduce the risk of annoying viewers with repetitive ads.

Monitor audience reactions to the ads. Pay attention to feedback and adjust accordingly if viewers seem to be getting tired of the content. Keeping the audience's experience in mind helps maintain a positive brand image and keeps engagement levels high.

By spreading out the advertising and focusing on meaningful content, brands can effectively connect with Olympic audiences without causing ad fatigue.


The Summer Olympics present a unique opportunity for brands to shine on a global stage. By leveraging real-time marketing, respecting cultural sensitivities, engaging with social media influencers, and avoiding ad overwhelm, brands can create powerful connections with their audiences.

Executing these strategies thoughtfully ensures that the brand's presence feels authentic, engaging, and respectful. As we gear up for the excitement of the games, let's make the most of these advertising opportunities.

If you're ready to elevate your brand during the Olympics, Kinetic319 is here to help. Our expertise in crafting impactful and respectful campaign activations can ensure your brand stands out in the crowd. Contact us today, and let's create something extraordinary together.

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